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Hot & Cold Drinks

Cafe France Our place for fresh & healthy food - Bakery specializing in French style breads, & pastries
11:11 A creative company providing the freshest drinks & experiences to anyone looking to treat themselves
CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Embrace tradition & unleash bold innovation to be a leading brand in the freshly-made drink industry
Cha Tuk Chak The leading Thai Tea brand in the country, known for bringing the authentic flavors of Thailand
Blvck Cafe #yournewfavorite
Chatime Freshly brewed tea infused with different natural flavors to make the best bubble tea drink in town!
I'Milky 100% Pure and Natural Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea
Nanyang Nanyang is the perfect epitome of a fusion of the contemporary and nostalgic experience
Bayani Brew Social enterprise brewing farm-fresh tisane drinks inspired by Filipino heritage tsaa recipes
Stanford Shaw Manila's Finest Old Fashioned Soda - Stanford Shaw: makers of Manila's Freshest Ginger Ale!
Sexy Beast Juice Delicious & guilt-free cold-pressed juice formulated by top celebrity food coach Nadine Tengco
150 Cal Cold-pressed Juice Cold-pressed juices are made with pure fruits & vegetables
Brown Cafe Thailand's first ever collagen infused, low calorie bubble, now in the Philippines!
The Alley It's Time for Tea - Iconic in Beverage Aesthetics
Yi Fang From Taiwan, Freshly-made premium teas and juices using real ingredients
Hey! I Am Yogost Yogurt & Rice, Now It’s Okay To #IndulgeEveryday Est. 2017
Gong Cha Great Tea, from Taiwan to the world!
Coffee Project Not just an ordinary café; Best-tasting coffee, we also serve a wide variety of appetizing food
Soy Yummy My Daily Healthy Fix! We offer products made from fresh non-gmo Soy beans from Canada.
Holly's Milk Premium 100% Fresh Cow's Milk and Dairy Produce.
Seattle's Best Coffee
Nitro 7 Cheers to the Philippines' first nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee and tea bar!
Boba Girl Milktea & Snack Bar
Moolk Creamery Farm fresh organic milk and dairy products
Toast! Your go-to store for your tea, coffee, and other beverage essentials
Ersao Taiwanese Restaurant Twenty years of serving authentic Taiwanese food in the Philippines
Serenitea One of the leading teashops in the country that introduced brewing of tea using an espresso machine
Jamba Juice We bring it all – from plant-based smoothies to sweeter blends.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Passion for Coffee & Tea Since 1963.
Chachago We love to share our passion for quality and authentic Taiwanese drinks and food
Macao Imperial Tea Genuine, memorable and special - this is what Macao Imperial Tea brings in each and every cup
26th St. Bistro by CBTL Passion for Coffee & Tea Since 1963.
Alt Scoops Meet Alt Scoops: Creamy, no-compromise, dairy-free goodness. So good you won't realize it's vegan!
Because Coffee (Harlan + Holden) because coffee
Royaltea Highly praised for its cheese tea made of imported New Zealand cheese and tea
Muyoo Muyoo is a celebration of nature, and so we treasure its gifts
Tubo Cane Juice Chain of sugarcane juice bars based in the Philippines.
J.TEA A cup that makes you happy!
Oishi Tea House Milk Tea and Fruiteas
Yogorino 100% all natural, low calorie, frozen yogurt, premium gelato, refreshing milk teas and more
Otis Oat Milk NZ’s first homegrown Oat Milk now in the Philippines. In Oats We Trust.
Fiftea Savor Taiwan's finest milk tea
San Marco Coffee shop inspired in Venice Italy. Most of the design pegs has a vintage vibe to it.
Llana's Cheesecakes D'best homemade baked cheesecake in town! Best paired with our espresso drinks
Liyah Kaffea Coffee & Milk Tea shop
PHILIA Aims to help farmers, fisherfolk, artisans and producers in bringing their products to its market
Aunt Pearl's Tea Enjoy ready to drink handcrafted tea using high quality fresh ingredients
Cup Point Coffee by Sunnies Studios Sunnies Studios' Cup Point is a boutique coffee spot, with drinks all made with our signature blend.
W Tea Bar Your Late Night Tea Bar - Authentic HK blends freshly brewed everyday
The Royal Coffee and Tea Company Blanchisserie, Brasserie, Café
Lucky Boba Milk Tea Shop Offering delicious and premium milk teas from Taiwan!
R&B Milk Tea IT'S HERE! One of Singapore's leading Milk Tea brands
Palamilk Tea Your DIY Milktea House, No Need For Add-ons, Complete PALAMilkxperience In Every Cup
Cofitearia Milk Tea & Coffee House Brewing fresh daily
Mei Li Tea House 梅里茶馆, the first Milk Tea-Fastfood in the Philippines
Libertea Milk Tea Army Navy's signature LiberTea iced tea now offers LiberTea MilkTea
White Dragon Taiwan Milktea Famous for its Iconic Varieties of Brown Sugar Bubble Tea
True Boss From Taiwan to the Philippines, the very first fruit enzyme specialty drink shop in the Philippines!
TrueWin Taiwan's No. 1 Fruit Tea and Soufflé Specialty Shop.
The Kula Press Brew-to-bottle coffee made 100% natural - no additives, no preservatives.
Coffee Depot A shop for coffee lovers! Selling 13 variants of freshly-roasted coffee beans, all locally-sourced.
TD&CO. The first thing you need to begin your day.
XUGR No Sugar Added, Low Carb, Keto Friendly Snacks
Highlands Coffee Highlands Coffee® was born out of the pure passion for Vietnamese coffee. Over the time we’ve become
Bon Appetea Bon Appetea is the best loved milk tea.
Oh Mango x Dragon Boba Milk tea and premium fruit shakes topped with real fruit bits
COOP Milkbar A milk tea classic with sweet chewy boba that always aims for the win! The “OG” milk tea!
Coffee.Connections To build a legacy to appreciate our Philippine coffee beans; we connect people with our coffee
Pukaw Coffee "Pukaw Coffee is a local coffee roaster and brewery in Manila. We specialize in single-origin coffee
Angkan Coffee
Firefly Coffee
Wicked Waffle
Buku-Buku Kafe
The Oventoaster
PICKUP COFFEE Start-up focused on offering high quality beverages to support and empower Filipinos
Cafe Seventy Six Your Every Espresso on Demand.
Project CC
Summer Vibes Cafe Where that summer feels never ends! 🌞🏝 Tropical Drinks 🍹 Espresso Drinks ☕ Cold Brew 🥤 Pica-Pica
Coffee Buddy
All-Nighter Coffee
Daily by Bo's Coffee
Kape Sur
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