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All Day Breakfast

Via Mare Via Mare has brought pride via its tireless pursuit of elevating Filipino cuisine to a global status
Single Origin Created a gourmet coffee experience with a cuisine balanced by comfort & innovation
Milky Way Offers an international menu typical of hotel coffee shops, without the 5-star prices.
The Black Bean Born in MNL, The Black Bean is a specialty cafe that serves all-day breakfast, comfort food & coffee
Little Flour Cafe An all-day brunch café with new locally-inspired favorites, such as Filipino rice bowls & delicacies
Wildflour Cafe + Bakery Strong brand equity anchored on a creative menu, high quality offerings made fresh in-house
Locavore Proudly champion local cuisine with classic Filipino dishes that have unique twists
Scout's Honor A modern take on girl scout cookies, & coffee!
Le Petit Souffle A French Japanese restaurant that will give you a new perspective on comfort food
McDonald's (Breakfast) Satisfy your cravings and get your McDo breakfast favorites
Coffee Project Not just an ordinary café; Best-tasting coffee, we also serve a wide variety of appetizing food
Bench Cafe Updates your favorite dishes by fusing Filipino with Filipino
Providore The menu has all the old-time favorites. Taking you back to the "good ol’ days"
Nono's Comfort food is simple. It is heartwarming. It is nourishing. It is home.
Cafe Mary Grace Home to the Ensaymadas and Cheese Rolls you love! There's no place like Home.
Pan de Manila One of the first pioneering bakeries to bring back this timeless method of cooking classic pandesal
Merienda by Pan de Manila Wide range from the most basic all-time favorite Filipino Pandesal, to other specialty breads
Sunnies Cafe Brunch to dinner, coffee to cocktails
Army Navy Burger + Burrito We Deliver Delicious. #ArmyNavyPH
Seattle's Best Coffee
Denny's Denny's is America's diner.
Belmont Hotel Manila
The Moment Group We're all about the creation of restaurants that make people happy through unique value.
UCC Clockwork A variety of local and international single origin coffee.
UCC Mentore Coffee + Bar Mentore Coffee + Bar by UCC.
UCC The Home of the Premium Coffee in the Philippines
Pancake House As familiar as a childhood friend. That’s how we feel about Pancake House.
Cafe Mabini We are your friendly neighborhood all-day breakfast place
Single Origin Osteria Revisiting familiar twists on everyday food.
Cafe 2.0 Paleo Cafe & Grocer: Our menu is FREE of gluten, grains, refined sugar, soy and trans fat
GoodAh!!! Indulge in flavors that are distinct and deeply-rooted to the Filipino taste
Liyah Kaffea Coffee & Milk Tea shop
Ayan's Italian Diner #greatnessineverybite
Nic's Gourmet Supplying a variety of desserts and savouries to several cafes and restaurants throughout Manila.
Central Park Diner Filipino-American Cuisine
Tapa King Tapa King serves classic Filipino homestyle meals you can enjoy everyday. Tara kain!
The Royal Coffee and Tea Company Blanchisserie, Brasserie, Café
Brewing Point Neighborhood Cafe Started as a modest internet café has now become the house of Metro’s best-selling comfort food
Zentrio47 Food house for delicious meals
Mares at Pares Filipino Comfort Food with Certified Pork-Free and Vegetarian-Friendly Menu
Gotobox #PangArawArawAngSarap is the embodiment of its wide selection of mouthwatering Pinoy favorites
GrabSilog Tapsihan Tapsihan, Silogan, Lutong Ulam and Pulutan
Urban Chick Where friends and foes greet, meet, and eat. Just great food. Great vibes
Bon Appetea Bon Appetea is the best loved milk tea.
Agahan Breakfast & Coffee Food Truck Business that serves all-day breakfast
Wicked Waffle
La Luna Cafe
ZIG Food
The Oventoaster
Eight Coffee Bar by UCC
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