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Essential Oils & Candles

Smell Bell A scent company that specializes in olfactory brand marketing & improving an indoor air environment
Crane Design for better living, U.S. branded humidifiers and air purifiers
Lunas Living Oils A social enterprise & the 1st in the country to introduce premium Coco-Moringa skincare products
Happy Island Candles Handpoured and designed to help you relax and enjoy life! #lighthappiness
Yankee Candle With over 150 fragrances, we are proud to be America's Best Loved Candle
Honey & Wine Soy Candles Soy candles proudly made in the Philippines
Mia Maison Exquisite scents to oblige your senses.
Joy In A Bottle Joy In A Bottle is a homegrown brand in the Philippines that offers high grade essential oils.
Real Scents Real scents make moments come alive
YogaLove Compassionate brand geared towards creating products that engage your limitless potential
Scentful Living Artisan room sprays, linen sprays, pillow mists, soy candles, essential oils & other home fragrances
WarehouseDad Providing Smart Home and productivity products without stepping out of the safety of your home
Mumuso Useful Products. For your everyday living
Bare Essentials Manila Candle and Scents Making Business
Biene Lumiere Discover our new range of scented candles, using the best ingredients only but at affordable prices
Simoy ng Haraya Whiff of imagination: stands for carefully curated and lovingly crafted Philippine products
What On Earth Surprisingly tasty homemade vegan food made accessible for all #WhatOnEarth
Essentials Lab PH
Lumi Candles
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