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Bebebalm Bebebugs Natural Itch Eraser Stick

1 stick

Bebebugs soothes discomforts due to skin irritations. It naturally helps break the itch-scratch cycle while nourishing skin. Suitable for all ages and all skin types.

• Soothe
Naturally calms discomforts due to insect bites, rash, heat rash, pimples, minor sunburns & kitchen burns

• Protect
Helps protect skin when outdoors, while being gentle on delicate skin. The natural mild scent makes insects lose interest on you .

• Nourish
Naturally rich in skin nutrients & antioxidants, it's quickly absorbed to nourish skin deep within. This promotes healthier skin.

Originally formulated for a mom's post partum scars & stretchmarks, this also works wonders on bumps and bruises in the family.

Naturally helps
• Prevent or lessen Bumps & Bruises
• Blur the appearance of Stretchmarks
• Lessen the appearance of scars
• Smoothen Facial blemishes
• Refines face and skin

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