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UV Care - Quezon City

59S UVC LED Multifunctional Sterilizing Lid (S8 - Pink)


Product Description: A UVC LED lid that is multipurpose: Use it for your spoon and fork, toothbrush, milk bottles, cup, tumblers, bowl, and mug. BACTERIA FREE WITH UV LIGHT : Clinically proven to prove to kill up to 99% of germs in just seconds! Destroys odor causing bacteria and mold in an instant SAFETY DESIGN : Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, the UV-c sanitizing light will never turn on when the tilted over 5 degrees LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The sterilizer’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take along with you wherever you go - holidays, visits to relatives etc. CLEAN WHATEVER FITS : While we have built a station for sanitizing baby bottles,you can sanitize whatever fits the lid. From baby dishes and baby bowls to coffee mugs and travel cups. WORRY-FREE DISINFECTION : No water rinse required, no harsh chemicals found in traditional surface disinfectants and cleaners. Will neither produce ozone/steam/heat nor deform the object during use. ABOUT THE PRODUCT - 19 seconds fast sterilization - 180 seconds for sterilization and odor Reduction seconds - Easy to bring anywhere because this is slim, lightweight (with only 99 grams) and rechargeable - Versatile use - Reddot design award (International Design Competition for Product Design) - Molds-free storage container after sterilization - Ozone-free - Auto-Stop Once Overturn - Charging Time: 2 Hours - Full Power Usage Frequency: 19S sterilization= 140 times; 18S sterilization = 20 times Item specifics: Brand Name: 59S Model Number: S8 Package:gift box package Material: ABS+PC+Silicon How to sterilize:UVC light UV light wavelength :260 nm-280 nm Power supply : Micro USB Weight: 100g What’s in package :1pcs sterilizer cover + Micro USB +Instruction manual

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