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UV Care - Quezon City

Stayfresh! Canada X6 Personal Air Purifier

₱3,500 ₱4,500

The Breathe Clean Personal Air Purifier is sleek, compact and lightweight! This personal protection can be worn around your neck without a strain! Let the Breathe Clean emit negative ions to make sure the air around you is clean and safe to breathe.

Strong ionic wind with anion output of 6 million/cm3
Needlepoint Discharge Technology
You may hang the Breathe Clean cord around your neck or clip the unit on your shirt pocket
Comes with a built-in lithium battery with USB connector
Long battery life - works up to 150 hours

REFRESHING. Simulate the feel and experience of going to the outdoors (beach, waterfalls and rainforest) where we feel relaxed and fresh due to high concentration of negative ions naturally created.

BETTER METABOLISM. Anion encourages enzymes to be activated to help in absorption of nutrients and remove unwanted toxins in the body.

CREATE ACTIVATED OXYGEN. Anions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air which can be easily and better absorbed by people. With more Anions, lung can increase oxygen absorption and increase carbon dioxide discharge.

IMPROVE SLEEP. User will notice improvement of sleep pattern with continued use of the product.

HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT. Anions, by its negative charge, helps neutralize virus, bacteria, dust, odor and smoke by clinging to these positively charged matters to naturally drop to the floor or cling onto walls

₱ 3,500
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