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UV Care - Quezon City

UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0


Sterilizing Technology: U Shape UVC light + Ozone
Coverage Area: 10 sqm
UVC Sterilization Time: 15 minutes (green light, 1st press) or 30 minutes (blue light, 2nd press)
Ozone Downtime: +15 minutes or +30 minutes
UV-C Wavelength: 254 nm
Sterilization Rate: Up to 99.9%
Safety Features Motion Sensor activated in Auto Mode (Auto Shuts Off when motion is detected)
Charging Time: 3 Hours (To be charged on AC Power only)
*15 mins sterilization, you can use the unit for up to 14 times
*30 mins sterilization, unit can work for up to 7 times
Material: ABS Plastic & Metal (Body), Quartz Glass (UV-C Lamp)
Battery: 1800 mAh (Lithium Battery)
Rated Voltage: 5.0 V DC
Product Dimensions: 6 cm (diameter) x 14.2 cm
Product Weight: 0.5kg
Ozone Density: 3mg/h

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