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Tender Luv - QC

Looney Tunes Brush & Comb Set with Grip Handle (Blue)


Looney Tunes (TM) BPA-FREE Brush & Comb Set are designed to detangle, smooth and style your baby’s hair. It will keep your baby’s hair neat and manageable at all time. The brush is made of soft nylon bristles to gently remove tangled hair while the comb has rounded teeth to comfortably glides through your baby’s hair.
Recommended Age: 0+ months
Completely free from toxic Bisphenol-A (BPA)
Perfect for your baby’s delicate, sensitive scalp!
Soft, high-quality nylon bristles give a gentle touch on your baby’s scalp
Smooth rounded teeth on a comb
Its non-slip grip on the handle makes it easier and more comfortable for brushing

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