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Tender Luv - QC

Looney Tunes Non-Slip Weaning Set for Boy


Looney Tunes(TM) BPA-Free Non-slip Suction Bowl & Spoon Set is a strong suction bowl that helps make life a little less messy at meal times. The base has been designed to stick on surfaces such as your baby's highchair or tabletop. Simple and easy to attach, once securely locked in position, your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill its contents, making meal times less stressful!
Recommended Age: 6 months & up
Comes with soft, rounded tip spoon that fits your baby's mouth without harming the gums
Huge serving compartment
Comes with a lid for easy food storage that is suitable for home-use or on-the-go feeding
Its non-slip TPE grip base keeps the bowl firmly in place to encourage self-feeding

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