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Looney Tunes Multi-Purpose & Rapid Steam Sterilizer (Pink)


"This revolutionary and easy-to-operate Looney Tunes (TM) Multi-Purpose & Rapid Steam Sterilizer is the most modern way in sterilizing, warming food or milk and boiling eggs safely, quickly, evenly and fast without destroying nutrients. This is the complete package for you and your little ones. Sterilizing your baby’s feeding bottles and accessories has never been this easy!
Fits up to 6x Regular Neck or 4x Wide Neck Bottles
With Automatic Timer & Shut-off Feature!
Multi-Purpose Functions: - Milk Warming (6 mins),
- Food Warming (7 mins)
- Sterilizing (9 mins)
- Egg Boiling (12 mins)
Juicer Function (Extracts the Juice from Whole Fruits or Vegetables)
Works Incredibly Fast!
Fast, Easy & Convenient to Use & Clean
Microbiologically Tested & Approved
**Any type & size of bottles can be sterilized in this item.
- Manual
- 1-Year Warranty for Heating Base
- Power Source: 220-240V AC, 50Hz
- Power Consumption: 350W"

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