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Kleenex Facial Tissue Box 190 Pulls

4 packs

Softness in Every Sheet: Gentle Comfort
Kleenex Facial Tissue Box with 190 pulls offers softness in every sheet, providing gentle comfort for all skin types. Its superior absorbency and strength ensure a delicate touch during life's little clean-ups.

Everyday Essentials: Reliable and Resilient
Make Kleenex Facial Tissues an everyday essential in your home or office. Reliable and resilient, these tissues stand up to sniffles, sneezes, and little messes, making them a must-have for any space.

Pure Plushness: The Softness Standard
Experience pure plushness with Kleenex, the softness standard that has set the bar for quality facial tissues. Each box promises a consistently comforting experience, pull after pull.

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