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Kirkland Signature Extra Large Absorbent Pet Pad

100 pads

Experience No-Mess Comfort with Kirkland's XL Pet Pad

Superior Absorbency, No Mess
Step into a cleaner, drier home with Kirkland Signature Extra Large Absorbent Pet Pad. Designed to capture and contain spills and accidents, this pad ensures that messes are locked away, leaving your floors spotless and your pets comfortable.

Extra Large, Extra Protection
Size matters when it comes to keeping your home clean. Kirkland's extra-large design provides an expansive coverage area, making it perfect for larger breeds or multiple pets. Whether it's for training puppies or aiding older pets, this pad has got you covered.

Gentle on Paws, Tough on Spills
Crafted with your pet's comfort in mind, the soft upper layer is gentle on paws while the durable, leak-proof base ensures no spill seeps through. Plus, the quick-drying surface prevents odors, keeping your home fresh and fragrant.

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