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Muller & Stein Double Tray Air Fryer MAAF-520SS

1 set
₱8,495 ₱9,995

Muller & Stein Double Tray Air Fryer, MAAF-520SS
• 14.5L Capacity
• 0% Oil Free
• Full stainless steel housing
• Stainless steel inner cavity, with 3 layers
• Stainless Steel up and down double heating elements
• Touch screen control panel
• Adjustable rotary knob for time and temperature display
• 50-230°C temperature controller
• 60min. Timer
• 360-rotation function

• Accessories: Drip Pan, Cake Pan, Rotisserie Tong, Wire Rack, Rotisserie, Rack Handle, Mesh Basket, and Gloves

Power: 230V a.c. 60Hz, 1700W
Product Size: 370 x 330 x 382mm
Net Weight: 10kg

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₱ 8,495
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