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Kuchenluxe Multifunctional Electric Pressure Cooker 8L, KEPC-8

1 pc
₱4,495 ₱4,795

• 8L Capacity
• Digital LED Display
• Easy Touch Control Panel
• Stainless Steel Body
• Non-Stick Coating Aluminum Inner Pot
• 15 Preset Functions for easier cooking: Soup, Broth, Meat, Stew, Bean, Poultry, Rice, Curry, Fish, Porridge, Steam, Yogurt, Slow Cook, Saute, Keep Warm
• With free measuring cup and spoon
• Adjustable pressure and timer
• With free low rack steamer and condensation collector

Model: KEPC-8
Voltage: 230V a.c. 60Hz
Power: 1400 Watts

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₱ 4,495
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