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Member's Value Pork Menudo Cut

~1.2 kg / pack

Flavorful Fiesta: Authentic Taste
Member's Value Pork Menudo Cut brings a flavorful fiesta to your kitchen, offering an authentic taste of this classic Filipino dish. These cuts are tailored for the perfect menudo, rich in flavor and ready to absorb the vibrant spices and sauces.

Comfort Cooking: Hearty and Homely
Dive into comfort cooking with Member's Value Pork Menudo Cut. This hearty and homely choice is the shortcut to a comforting meal that's both satisfying and reminiscent of traditional home-cooked feasts.

Savory Selection: The Family Favorite
Member's Value Pork Menudo Cut is a savory selection that's sure to become a family favorite. It's the go-to ingredient for creating a warming pot of menudo that brings everyone together around the dining table.

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