Puritan’s Pride - Pasig Boulevard

Collagen Hydrolyzed 1000 mg

180 caplets

As we age, skin sags and collagen supply is fewer, causing less youthfulness. Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen supports younger-looking skin with hydration and aids in reducing cellulites and stretch marks for better elasticity, beautifying the complexion for naturally gorgeous, glowing appearance. With a smoother glow, you can be more confident and radiant as ever.

Boosted collagen supply supports healthier hair and nails plus strengthens bones and joints in addition to assisting appetite with healthy digestion. For good-looking wellness, Hyrdrolyzed Collagen includes catalyst ingredients -- Vitamin C which assists collagen in breaking down into amino acids for nourishment and protection; and L-Ornithine that has a synergizing effect.

Hydrolyzed Collagen also helps prevent gut inflammation with Glycine production -- gut wellness leads to overall healthier body functions. And when the body’s well, it helps ease anxiety, supporting your mental well-being.

- FDA CPR # FR-4000003420577
- No approved therapeutic claims
- Dietary supplement, helps maintain active youthfulness with hydration for skin elasticity and support for the body’s needs

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