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Puritan’s Pride - Pasig Boulevard

Spirulina 500 mg

100 tablets

A top superfood, Puritan’s Pride Spirulina helps provide nourishments possibly missing in your daily diet. You may be eating enough meals, but certain nutrients are insufficient in some dishes.

Spirulina aids in supplying vitamins, minerals, amino acid, and proteins to assist in completing your wellness. These nutrients are vital to aiding the immune system.

Spirulina has antioxidants supporting brain health and helping prevent inflammations. To help your cardiovascular system, the supplement provides digestible proteins for controlling cholesterol.

FDA CPR # FR-4000003073045
- No approved therapeutic claims
- Vegetarian dietary supplement
- Filled with vitamins & minerals plus amino acid, supporting body nourishment
- Contains 100 tablets, 500mg of Spirulina each

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