Puritan’s Pride - Pasig Boulevard

Melatonin 3 mg

120 tablets

Better sleep, so you can be better.

Take Puritan’s Melatonin, an affordable sleep aid for falling asleep faster into longer rest and recharge. Because you can sleep lastingly, your immune system is boosted. This supplement assists in reducing drowsiness, supporting a restful feeling.

When you’re awake for longer hours, you tend to overthink -- Melatonin helps ease anxiety so you can be mentally healthier and enjoy a calm space, aiding you in overcoming daily stress towards a good night’s sleep.

With sound quality sleep, your mindset is improved and your body is energized as you wake up and function at your best everyday.

FDA CPR # FR-4000003616743
- No approved therapeutic claims
- Affordable small, easy-to-digest non-prescription aid for syncing circadian rhythm with a well-rested feeling, supporting better sleep
- Contains 120 tablets, 3mg of Melatonin each

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