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Puritan’s Pride - Pasig Boulevard

Echinacea Complex 450 mg

100 capsules

FDA CPR FR-4000003416981
No approved therapeutic claims
Herbal supplement with immune system support
Contains 100 capsules, 450mg Echinacea Complex each

About the Product
You never know when sickness will strike. Illnesses can put a stop to your routine, and just when you’re enjoying the day, you feel less than okay. Let’s keep your health strong and protected.

Echinacea Complex, formulated with Burdock, Elderberry concentrate, and Cayenne pepper, is an herbal supplement that helps boost your immunity for defense against colds, flu, and virus. The herb Echinacea has antioxidants, and here it’s made into rapid-release capsules to fast-absorb benefits. It helps protect from free radicals which damage cells.

With Echinacea Complex, your wellness is better defended. Never feel sketchy, take Echi — Echinacea Complex for immune strength.

Recommended: Take Echinacea Complex with proper meals and exercise.

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