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Mazuri Original Tortoise Diet 1lbs (302 Pieces Or 453g)

1 piece

- 2-4% daily of tortoise weight.
- 1 pellet = 1.5 gram Example: Tortoise weight = 90g Maximum Daily Mazuri Intake = 80 - .04 = 3.2g or 2 pieces of Mazuri each day
- It is not necessary to moisten pellets with water, though it may help acclimate animals to the diet.
- Feed consumption will vary with environmental temperatures, activity and lifestage.
- Provide good quality grass hay or browse. - If desired, feed fresh fruits and vegetables.
- At most 5% fruit and 20% vegetables by weight of total diet.
- Always provide animal with plenty of fresh, clean water. Proper humidity levels are also critical for health and proper growth of herbivorous reptiles.
- Repacked

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