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Pet Nation - Quezon City

Neptune Aquatics Silicone Air Hose (Red, 3/16in, 8mmx5mm)

1 meter

1 order = 1 meter. If you want 2 meters, please order 2 units; 3 meters = 3 units, etc.

Pet Nation provides the best value-for-money products for all types of pets. We carry the best and most innovative brands in the market such as Neptune Aquatics for aquariums and ponds, Armour Exotics for reptiles, arachnids, and amphibian supplies, Franny & Friends for dogs, cats, and small mammals.

In Pet Nation, ALL PETS MATTER.� Neptune Aquatics Air Hose connects the air pump�to the air bubble stones. The hoses quality and size ensures that the air pump is securely connected to the air stone. Neptune Aquatics Air Hose comes in 5 neon colors that enhances the aquariums colorful design.

Its size is also standard at 3/16 inches or 8x5mm (outside diameter x inside diameter). You can also choose from 1 to 20m of hose. One order is equal to 1 meter of hose, if 2 meters are ordered, we will ship 2 CONNECTED/UNCUT meters. Neptune Aquatics Air Hose is marketed towards aquarium use; however, this can also be used for garden irrigation hose or micro drip irrigation hose.���

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