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MiDeer Story Disc Films for Kids Storybook Torch - 4 stories - The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Gingerbread Man, I Want to Go to Space, The Enormous Turnip

1pc 0.014 kg

4 additional story films compatible with:
Mideer 3in1 Kids Storybook Torch
Mideer Storybook Torch

Just turn on the flashlight Is like moving a movie theater to show in the house
Helps children relieve stress And enjoy the story content
Helps to create imagination. And the language skills of children fully
Helps to enhance communication skills. Train the children to pronounce them accordingly. To practice pronunciation correctly and clearly.
Change the baby who is afraid of the dark To become a brave little explorer
Designed for easy holding, lightweight
It's a wonderful gift that children will definitely like
To use, simply plug the film into a flashlight. Will project the wall to the ceiling, adjust the focus for clarity Tell stories to you for good dreams for sure.

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