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Latestgadget - Caloocan

8 Shape Wrist Arm Force Exercise



• Fitness Performance As long As you track the demo actions, you can practice slowly and slowly every day. (Generally, one action group only interesting 4 -6 times) and up to other general time arms many times. Even tens of times of high intensity exercise can achieve increased wrist strength.
• Scientific design: Using twisting action, to fully move every muscle and tendon from your wrists, shoulders, arms and wrists to full shape. Pattern and even physical activities, natural results
• Safe and: Unlike fitness equipment, madness The wristwatch device has safe, reliable, efficient You do not have to worry about the spring being pulled and hurt people, and does not hurt the muscles because of excessive use.
• Lightweight and portable: 8 exquisite and perfect structure design, make use of space, net weight 1 kg, lightweight And easy to carry


• Parameters (approximate):
• Size: Length 41 cm x Width 22 cm x Height 3.5 cm /16.14 x 8.66 x 1.38in
• Product net weight: 0.85 kg
• Material: ABS shell, NBR (foam), spring steel core
• Color: Black (handle color black, red, orange And others normal color, random color)
• Packing: Item box 1 x Strength trainer (random color)

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