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Latestgadget - Caloocan

Itch Zapper Relieve Itching ITCH GO Anti-Itch


Use this product after bite by insects such as mosquito, bee, flea, louse, etc., itchy effect will be obviously lowered or disappear ,and the tumescence will be eliminated in a short time so as to avoid chafing.

• New generation of high-tech product.
• Rapidly restrain or kill bacteria and viruses.
• No negative side effects or toxic reaction to the human body.
• Suitable for home , travel ,outdoor activities and field work etc.
• All kinds of people use.
• Use for Mosquito bite/Bee/Flea/Louse.
• Pocket Handheld-Sized & Light Weight.
• Reliable performance and Simple to use.
• Powered by 4 Batteries (Battery Type:AAA or UM-4 or LR03)
• Notice see the manual.
• Dimensions:13.5 x 4.5 x 2.9cm
• Weight: 88g

₱ 450
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