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U80 Rechargeable UV-C Sterilization Lamp with Ozone - White


• USB power supply.
• Widely applied to cloakroom, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, car, pet room, hospital, washing room etc.
• 30 minutes can be effectively disinfected 5-9 m2
• UV and ozone dual sterilization, no antiseptic sterilization, no secondary pollution
• High purity quartz lamp, improve UV transmittance, acid and corrosion resistance
• Eradicate odor and mycete, eliminate mites on furniture, patients discharged disinfection, pet disinfection
• Lightweight, portable,easy to install wherever you want

• Battery type : lithium-ion polymers
• Battery capacity: 2000mAh
• Charging voltage: 5V
• Charging current: 1.5A
• Charge + sterilization current: 2A
• Sterilizing current: 800mA
• Ultraviolet lamp power: 5W
• Sterilization mode: UV + ozone (uv-c +O3)
• Power supply interface : Micro USB
• Product Size: 16 × 7 × 6 cm
• Product Weight: 0.08kg
• Germicidal lamp type: low pressure mercury lamp 110mm x 12mm
• Sterilizing ultraviolet wavelength: 185-254nm
• LCD display power, setting time countdown, charging display
• Sterilize time Manual mode: 30 mins
• Infrared sensor mode 10/20/40/60mins can be set
• Charge time: 2H
• Battery full charge sterilization times: 3-4times
• Infrared sensor - Sensing a moving body around 3meters, it will automatically turn off the UV light (to prevent uv damage to human body).

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