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Ipega 9117 Smart Phone Game Grip

1 pc

-Set for shooting class mobile games.
-Suitable for phones with width between 65-80mm.
-There is no need to install other mapping software and game hall, and there is no Bluetooth connection. The mobile phone can be used by setting buttons in the game.
-Map the virtual shooting or attack key to the physical tablet key in the game setting, so that 4 fingers can operate at the same time and the speed is faster.
-There is no occlusion on the side, which can charge the mobile phone when playing games.

-Brand: Ipega
-Type: Gamepad
-Material: ABS + metal
-Support size: Width 65~80mm Smartphone
-Support system: android, iOS
-Product Weight:0.1 Kg
-Product Dimensions:16.7 x 11.7 x 4.8 cm
-Package Weight: 0.115 Kg
-Package Dimensions:19 x 13 x 5.2 cm

Package Include:-1 x PG-9117 Gamepad-1 x User Manual

₱ 300
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