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Optimus 5 Meters V1.4 Braided HDMI Cable


-Ultimate Quality Metal End
-Braided Low Loss Copper Cable
-Gold plated HDMI Connectors
-HDMI resolutions inc 720p, 720i, 1080i, 1080p, 2k x 4k-HDCP Compatible
-HDMI Male (19+1pin) to HDMI Male (19+1pin) cables.
-Pure Copper Conductors.
-Pure Copper Cable
-High Speed 1.4 compatible
-Ethernet Support
-Full ARC (audio return channel) Support
-4K x 2K Resolution Support at 30 hertz

-Color: Black
-Type: VGA to VGA
-Product Length: 5 Meters
-Product Weight: 0.20 kg
-Power: 5V - 150mA

Product Content:-1 x Optimus 5 Meters V1.4 Braided HDMI Cable

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