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Golf GF-M16 Stereo Music Earphone - Black


-Stereo Design
-More comfortable to wear
-Oblique Design-Perfect Sound
-High Distortion

-Brand: Golf
-Model: GF-M16
-Plug : 3.5mm
-Horn sensitivity: 100+ /-3db
-Impedance : 32 Ω +/- 20%
-Max Input Power :5mW
-Rated Input Power : 3mW
-Distortion rate : 5%
-Frequency range : 100Hz-20KHz
-Length : 1.2m
-Product Weight: 0.02 kg
-Package Dimension: (7x2x18)cm
-Package Weight: 0.3 kg

Package Include: 1 x Earphone

₱ 250
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