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Latestgadget - Caloocan

DPRUI MX 550 Candy Headset - Black


- Built 0 in high quality microphone
- Multi-function Button (Call, play music, pause music)
- Press twice for the next song
- Quickly press three times for the last song
- 200H Stand By Hifi Sound

Product Type: Headset
Material: Silicone, Plastic, Electronic Parts
Cord length: 1.2 m
Unit Size: 9 mm
Response: 20_20KHz
Rated Power:5mWMax
Power: 15mW
Sensitivity: 95 decibels
Pin: 3.5
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2 x 2 x 120 cm
Product Weight: 0.03 kg
Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 x 4 x 13 cm
Package Weight: 0.05 kg

Package Include:1 x DPRUI MX 550 Candy Headset Black

₱ 250
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