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Latestgadget - Caloocan

Lavalier Clip On USB Microphone - Black


-USB jack, is suitable for the notebook and some android devices used in the computer and smart phone 4 extreme 3 pole adapter high sensitivity, high dynamic and wide frequency response bubbles can effectively reduce noise environment windshield portable delicate, cable length 145 cm, 360 - degree rotating clamps can easily into the collar, tie or pocket hands-free, can be used to chat, video conference, recording

-Model: JH-044
-Color: Black
-Type: Capacitor microphone
-frequency range: 20HZ-16khz Sensitivity :-30dB +/ -2dB RL = 2.2 K Ohm VS = 3V -plug socket :USB
-Cable length : 145cm / 4.7ft
-Project weight : 20.5g / 0.72oz
-Package size : 11 * 4 * 2cm / 4.3 * 1.6 * 0.8
-Package weight : 25g /0.88oz
-Package list: 1 x Microphone clip

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