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Longde Manual Juicer in Black

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This products input voltage is AC220V50Hz
Make sure that unit is unplugged before assembly or disassembly
Make sure that the power cord is has no damage before using.
Make sure that the strainer is attached to the unit before turning on the unit
Bring the unit to a professional if repair is needed.
Do not put your hand or any foreign object into the inlet when the juicer is working
Wait for the motor to stop before disassembling the unit for cleaning purposes
Operating time: the juicer can be used for not more than 1 minute continuous use per cycle, make sure that the motor is given time to cool down to avoid overheating.
The unit has a built in temperature sensor that causes the motor to stop if the motor overheat, please shut down the power and wait for the juicer to cool off before using again.
This product does not allow the use of hot water and microwave sterilization of more than 80 degrees.
Use a cloth to wipe the base unit and avoid it being penetrated by water to protect the motor.
Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaning agents or corrosive liquid cleaning products in cleaning.
Keep out of children
Always remove seeds or hard objects from the unit.
This product is for personal and household use only.

Components and Functional Safety Note:

Push rod: add ingredients, gently push fruits, fruits and juicing
Top cover: connected to the main body,.
Strainer: grinds the fruits
Motor: Moving parts that move the juicers grinder
Spout: juice outlet
Fruit juice cup cover: cover the juice cup, preventing the juice objects fall into.
Fruit juice cup baffle:fruit juice cup of juice and foam separation.
Fruit juice cup:used to pick fruit juice container.
Switch: turnthe unit on and off.
Main Body: where the motor is kept
Metal Body Lock: Make sure that the metal lock is secured and locked or the motor will not start when turned on as a safety feature
Pomace cup: catch and separate the pomace.

How To Use:

Before using, please wash thoroughly all parts that contact with contact parts.
Switch Position: inches0 inches: close, stop,
inchesMove inches position: for single cycle use or short time use, when let go, gear automatically return to 0,
inches1 inches: low speed, applicable in processing soft fruits and vegetables such as watermelon,,tomatoes, cucumber, strawberry.
inches2 inches: high speed, suitable for processing all types of fruits and vegetables
Install the central assembly to the main unit,
Attach the juice strainer, make sure the juice strainer is securely locked to the main unit. Make sure that the strainer is not damaged nor deformed.
Attache the pomage container at the back of the unt.
Install the top cover of the unit in alignment to the main unit.
The metal rod has to be positioned upright securely locking the top part of the juicer to the main unit (the juicer will not turn on if the metal rod is not upright and securely locking the top part of the juicer for safety reason)
Align the juice cup with the spout
The juice cup is placed in front of the spoutã‚
The push rod is placed on top of the top part of the juicer
Ensure that the switch is in the off position when plugging the unit to the outlet
Clean the fruits and remove the seeds, skin or anything hard that might damage the huicer
Turn on the switch, begin using the juicer for not morethan 1 minute per cycle. Slight vibration from the juicer is normal during operation.
Put the prepared fruits or vegetables into the feed inlet.
Put the fruits or vegetable into the inlet and use the push rod to push downward gently.

Cleaning and maintenance

Be sure to turn off the switch and disconnect the power supply before cleaning.
Use wet cloth to wipe the main unit, do not rinse the main unit with water or other liquid as it will damage the juicers motor.
This product should be stored in a dry place
Ensure that product is clean and dry when storage .
Disassembly for cleaning purpose:
Remove the push rod
Unlock the metal rod and remove the top cover
Take out the metal strainer
Clean the disassembled parts(without electronic parts) with water.

Technical parameters

Product Name: juicer mixer
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 50Hz
The function of juicing continuous working time: less than 1 minutes
The interval time: 2 minutes

Package Included:

1 pc x Manual Juicer
1 pc x Chinese Manual

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