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Macbook Pro 13.3 inch Screen Guard Ar

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AR Protection Film For OLED/LCD
AR coating solution are liquid formulations that enable the manufacture of singlelayer, antireflective film for the front of OLED/LCD display that greatly decrease surface reflection. In addition, they provide brasion resistance and eliminate 99% radiation, to increase contrast and enable brighter and more vivid colors.

Crystal film has a optional finish which will not only protect your display but will produce more vibrant colors. The special crystal film not only reduces the ultraviolet radiation emitted the monitor by 99% reducing the burden on your eyes, but also controls the deterioration of your liquid crystal monitor by blocking out ultraviolet light and protecting it from scratches, dust and dit. The crystal film is made with advance silicone staticcling technology theat leaves no residue if remove.

Proprietary design and patented technology lets you install Screen Guard in seconds without any aiy bubbles. And you can remove and reapply it as orten as you like without living any sticky residue.

Decrease rdreflection and increasing contrast
5H hardness on hardcoat side, scratch resistance
Steable performance insevere environment
Low surface energy component, easily clean
Electostaticadherence without glue, no residue left
High radiant filtration ratio, protects eyesight

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