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Pulse Oximeter with SP02 PR PI - White

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• High performance measurement is more accurate
• Using imported chips, it can quickly, continuously and accurately monitor human blood oxygen (SPO2) and pulse rate (PR)
• Blood oxygen measurement range: 35~100% (resolution is 1%)
• Blood oxygen measurement accuracy: 70~100%, ±3%
• Pulse rate measurement range: 25-250BPM, (resolution is 1BP)
• Pulse rate measurement accuracy: ±2BPM
• Blood oxygen saturation waveform and pulse intensity histogram display
• Menu setting, low battery voltage indication
• No finger sensing and no operation after the default 10 seconds to automatically shut down
• With voice prompt function, the prompt value is adjustable

• Model:ZM-700-01
• Color: white
• Machine Size:60mm*32mm*33mm
• Machine Weight: 37g
• Batteries:2 AAA 1.5V
• Power consumption: Smaller than 30mA(Normal)
• Operating Temperature:5°C-40°C
• Storage Temperature:-10°C-40°C

Hemoglobin saturation display:
• Measuring range:35-100;
• Normal value:94-100

Pulse rate display:
• Measuring range:30-250
• Normal value:50-130

• Hemoglobin saturation:1%
• Pulse rate:1BPM

Measure Accuracy:
• Hemoglobin saturation:2%(70%-100%)
• Pulse rate:2BPM

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