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TRX OEM Suspension Trainer Force Kit - Brown

1 kit

• TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer (T1 Model)
• TRX Tactical Door Anchor
• TRX FORCE Training DVD & Military Fitness Guide
• Get into Peak Operational Readiness- or, in civilian terms, the best shape of your life. You’ll take your strength and endurance up to the level of America’s highest echelon of fighting forces when you follow TRX creator and former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick and Fitness Anywhere Director of Education Fraser Quelch through this one-two punch of a workout. Designed to be performed on alternating days, the two programs begin at a moderate level and ratchet up the training aggressively over a 12-week period.
• The TRX FORCE Training DVD has over 2-hours of content including two real-time workouts. And, the TRX FORCE Military Fitness Guide takes you through 12-weeks of progress workouts to build peak military performance. If you are looking for a serious, comprehensive training program – look no further. This is the program for you.

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