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Cosmetic Absorption Facial Cleanser - White


Product Description

• Home skin care beauty instrument for wrinkle removal face lifting

Features :

• Cleaning Moisturizing Mode
• Skincare Lifting Mode
• Portable Type
• Different types of skin:

• Neutral skin according to skin type 1 / 5-10 minutes / day
• Sensitive skin types 1 / 3-4 days 5-10 minutes /
• Tamiflu flu skin type / week over 5 minutes
• Spots, scar the skin whitening products with 10 minutes / other local focus on strengthening
• The old skin massage an additional 4 minutes, 10-15 minutes /
• A month after a week 2-3 times
• 2-7 days after use, will be a phenomenon of acne-like discharge, Do not hand squeeze to avoid infection.
• Acne, oily skin surface when the bubble serious times / 5-10 minutes, 5 days / times
• The surface bubbles slightly faded after 2 times / week 5-10 minutes /
• Arising from the use of acupuncture feeling or mild irritation and itching phenomenon is a normal phenomenon caused by the anion reaction to open the pores. Impervious to the sting sensitive mask or washcloth operation;

Operating Instruction :

• Open the battery cover, 2 to confirm the fitted on the 7th battery, positive and negative electrode to be connected pairs of confirmed close the battery cover.
The switch: the button on the back of a push up, according to the △ – for eye care, skin contact with rod eye contact like a small antenna. Press the ▽ push down on contact with facial skin – for face care, face contact picture
• The LED green light, said the work began.
• Button to return the middle of the LED light is off, said the shutdown.


• Model : LBU020 Meinvren
• Materials : ABS, Aluminum
• Power: DC 3V
• Product Dimension: (L x W x H) 5 x 5 x 16 cm
• Product Weight: 0.12 kg
• Package Dimension: (L x W x H) 6 x 14 x 19 cm
• Package Weight: 0.19 kg

Package Include:

• 1 x Cosmetic Absorption Facial Cleanser – White
• 1 x User Manual

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