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Handheld Metal Detector


Product Features:

Maximum sensitivity & ruggedness: capable of detecting very small concealed metalic objects.

A reduction switch to help minimise sensitivity interference while scanning at ankle level or interfered by signals.

Automatic tuning, without adjustment; Large scan surface enables quick and thorough scanning.

Audible and visual alarm indicators. It can detect the size or distance of the metallic objects according to the loudness of the sond alarm.

Loud sound provides normal work at noisy occasions.

Sound characteristics: Sound gradually grows loud which sounds comfortable.

Optional belt holder available.

Technical Parameters:

Working frequency:95KHZ

Product dimention: 42cm * 8.3cm * 4.2cm

Product weight: 0.44KG/pcs

Package dimention: 53.5cm * 27.5cm * 51.5cm

Package weight: 25 pcs/carton, 15.6 kg/carton

Battery: 9V (Alkline & chargeable battery), lasting 80 hours during work.


Security check: Such places are prohibited to take guns and knives as police station, factory gate,courthouses, stadium,public buildings,private buildings,etc.

Loss prevention: Such places needs to prevent from stealing as chemical, refineries,electronic, metal, plastic industries.

Preventing cheating: Such occasions need to shield signals of Mobilephones, electronic dictionaries,MP3, MP4, Ucards, and wireless transmission facilities to prevent cheating as college entrance examination, tests, and civil servants exams.

Package Included:

Hand Held Metal Detector

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