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Handheld Laser USB Bar Code Scanner Code Reader



• Light weight for easy to use

• Use of safety and Reliable

• Ease to Identify and Low bit error rate

• Applies to commercial retail,Logistics,Industrial control systems and other consumer


• Simple installation, Keyboard Wedge, Serial, Wand Emulation tc.

• Superior keyboard wedge interface-NOVELL compatible--auto Caps Lock detection ensures that the data always appears on the computer just the way it is encoded in the bar code

• Simple programming from your keyboard or scan bar codes!

• Over 180 configurable options

• Automatically clones decoders in under 10 seconds_ over 300 decoders per hour

• Auto detection of the type of computer (PC, XT, AT, PS/2, and Xwindow terminals with a PC compatible keyboard interface)

• Can be used with or without the keyboard

• Supports over twenty different keyboard country layouts

• Map bar code data to any key on the keyboard

• Supports editing, operations include (Insert, Stripping, Filtering, Convert Case)

• Programmable preamble, postamble, and termination strings

• Macro support, replace a string in the bar code with another

• READ/NO_READ indicators (buzzer and LED)

• Superior reading performance Utilizing advanced decoding algorithms

• Extended ASC11 support for Code 128 bar codes

• Low power consumption

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