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Waterproofing Sealant Leak Repair Spray 800ml - Black



One component self-spraying king, waterproof film forming. It is specially developed for waterproofing repair of roots, openings, corners, roof cracks, slotted wiring and other weak and leaky point.

1. Clean up the base surface, remove surface dust, remove impurities and dirt, keep the surface solid and clean.
2. Treatment of large seams : if more than 5mm seams are covered with fibre glass before construction.
3. Construction method : Shake the bottle before use, spray evenly on the construction base, and spray once again after an hour ( 2 spraying is recommended )
4. Waiting for curing : The surface drying time is 20-30 minutes, the curing time is about 24 hours, depending on the actual curing words.

• Product Type: Leakage Sealant Spray
• Colour Option: Black, White, Transparent
• Volume: 800ml
• Weight: 424g

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