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Avantree Kangaroo Multifunctional Sports Waist Pack



• Avantree sports waist pack provides personal comfort and device protection during exercise and casual use.The item is a portable multifunctional sports elastic waist bag, which looks the same as an ordinary waist belt when not containing any gadgets.
• The sports waist pack has a pocket to hold some personal belongings such as cellphone, keys, etc in a safe way when you are engaging in outdoor sports. Besides, the sports waist pack is adjustable to fit different body size, and suitable for both men and women. Therefore, it is really a wonderful outdoor sports partner for choice.


• Waist wearing styles sense of weight reduction sports;
• Made of high flexible polyester material, durable and comfortable;
• Weather resistant zipper adds extra protection against the elements;
• Especially suitable for running,cycling,strolling, traveling,shopping,and more sport events;
• Avantree sports waist pack has elasticity too such a small pouch can hold cell phone,key,money easily;
• Adjustable belt size: 68-148cm.
• (W)100*(H)180*(D)47mm

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Avantree Kangaroo Multifunctional Sports Waist Pack

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