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Herbs of the Earth - Marikina

MCT Oil 750mg

120 capsules/Bottles
₱776 ₱3,450

* CONTROL YOUR CRAVINGS, KICK THE CARBS – Accelerate your weight loss goals and kick the cravings to the curb. MCT’s are natural appetite suppressants. Burn stubborn unhealthy fat with healthy ketone generating fats. Control your hunger and eliminate those sugar cravings. Accelerate energy production as your body uses ketones instead of carbs to melt off unwanted fats effortlessly.
* POWERFUL MCT FORMULA with Vitamin E- Our premium grade blend of C8 and C10 fats sourced only from coconuts will significantly increase your body's natural ability to produce ketones with minimal effort. We designed MCT Oil+ to meet the unique needs of a low-carb, high-fat diet. MCT Oil+contains no carbs, no calories, and no unnecessary additives or fillers. As always,MCT Oil+ is safely manufactured in a certified GMP facility in the USA.

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