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Feng Shui Alley - Manila (Next Day Delivery)

All-in-1 Personalized Bracelet based on Birth Year (Ladies)


Personalized All-in-1 bracelet for Ladies based on your Birth Year.

All of the following are included in the bracelet

Kindly message us with the following details.
1. Wrist Size - Please wrap a tape measure around your wrist to measure the wrist size. Exact size only please (No Allowance). We will be the ones to put allowance for your bracelet.

*Standard bracelet size (with allowance) is 7.5 inches for male and 7 inches for female.

2. Birth Day and Birth Year (ex. January 1, 1999)

*The picture is a sample only. Your purchased bracelet will look different compared to this.

Please indicate your wrist size and birthday in the notes box below.

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