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Basilur & Tipson Teas - Quezon City

Basilur Tea Book Bouquet Collection "Assorted" (32 En) - 70332

1 set

Basilur Assorted Tea Bouquet Metal Caddy 32 Sachets Bouquet holds a mixture of four green teas for those who adore green tea.Sencha: Sencha green tea is characterised by its mellow, pleasant flavour and rich yellow colour, achieved by gently steaming the leaves immediately after picking.

Cream fantasy: a delightful experience of a very special green tea, masterfully blended with the sweet, subtle flavours of berries and cream. Green freshness: this connoisseur's delight of healthy green tea is masterfully blended with a touch of peppermint to give you a rich, sensual taste. White magic: an exotic blend of milky Oolong green tea, fragranced in the traditional age-old method adding to an enchanting and delightful scent and flavour. Sencha Green

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