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Magnolia Gourmet Selection Chicken Wings ~500 g ₱283/Kg Magnolia Whole Chicken ~500 g ₱204/Kg Magnolia Chicken Liver ~250 g ₱215/Kg Magnolia Chicken Drumstick ~750 g ₱220/Kg Magnolia Chicken Wings ~500 g ₱241/Kg Magnolia Chicken Thigh ~500 g ₱241/Kg Magnolia Chicken Breast ~1000 g ₱239/Kg Magnolia Chicken Quarter Cut ~500 g ₱227/Kg Magnolia Chicken Tinola Cut ~500 g ₱217/Kg Magnolia Chicken Adobo Cut ~750 g ₱222/Kg Magnolia Whole Leg Chicken ~500 g ₱224/Kg Magnolia Chicken Breast Fillet ~500 g ₱313/Kg Magnolia Chicken Thigh Fillet ~500 g ₱314/Kg Bounty Fresh Whole Chicken Premium ~2 kg ₱205/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Drumsticks ~1 kg ₱220/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Wings ~1 kg ₱230/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Breast ~1 kg ₱232/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Thigh ~1 kg ₱230/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Leg Quarter ~1 kg ₱220/Kg Bounty Fresh Everyday Whole Chicken (800-850g) 1 pack ₱175 Mikisa Bangus Jumbo ~500 g ₱278/Kg Mikisa Galunggong Tunay ~500 g ₱298/Kg Mikisa Pampano White ~500 g ₱459/Kg ₱488 Mikisa Suahe Large ~500 g ₱718/Kg Mikisa Tilapia Jumbo ~500 g ₱178/Kg Meat Vendor Aussie Fresh Sukiyaki ~500 g ₱879/Kg Meat Vendor Aussie Fresh Ground Sirloin ~250 g ₱519/Kg Meat Vendor Aussie Fresh Beef Cubes ~500 g ₱599/Kg Magnolia Chicken Drumsticks ~500 g ₱258/Kg Robinsons Pork Belly Grill Cut ~500 g ₱509/Kg Aussie Fresh Weight Watchers Minced Beef ~500 g ₱579/Kg Meat Vendor Aussie Fresh Ground Beef ~1000 g ₱499/Kg Bounty Fresh Chicken Breast Fillet (860-880g) 1 pack ₱288 Bounty Fresh Chicken Thigh Fillet (860-880g) 1 pack ₱288 Pork Adobo Cut ~1000 g ₱324/Kg Lean Ground Pork ~1000 g ₱329/Kg
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