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The Marketplace - Ayala The 30th Pasig

No Brand Classic A

1 basket

For bulk quantity orders, please order at The Marketplace Christmas Store.

Basket contains:
6 sachets of No Brand Café Mild 175ml
2 bottles of No Brand Blue Night Soju 200ml
1 bottle of No Brand Aloe 500ml
3 pieces of No Brand Roasted Seaweed Cut 5g
1 pouch of No Brand Chestnut 100g
1 piece of No Brand Rose Spaghetti Sauce 400g
1 piece of No Brand Sweet Coated Snacks 280g
1 pack of No Brand Delicious Ramen 115g
1 canister of No Brand Potato Chips Purple Sweet Potato 110g
Comes with Gift Tag
Packaging: No Brand Regular Eco Bag

Note: Accessories and decorations in the photo are not included.

₱ 999
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