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The Good Tapa - Quezon City

Angus Beef - Garlic

500 g

Cooking Guide:

1. Thaw your frozen tapa until the meat is soft and tender before cooking.
2. Once thawed, drain all of the sauce from the tapa
3. On a nonstick pan, add tapa and cook on medium to low heat around 2-5 minutes
4. Stir tapa until the meat is dark brown
5. Best served with garlic rice, egg and garnished with green onions!

Level It Up!

+ Add a bit of the marinated sauce when you cook the tapa for an extra salty taste
+ Drain additional sauce seeped out from cooking the tapa to get a toasted tapa taste
+ Add butter to get a creamy and sweet tapa
+ Reserve that cooked good tapa sauce for your fried rice

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