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De Cecco Conchiglie Rigate No.50

500 g

• Conchiglie Rigate (ridged shells), which originate from the Campania region, are now very popular all over Italy.
• The name comes from the shape which resembles a seashell and is one of the most popular pasta shapes because it can capture any kind of sauce.
• This pasta is especially good in oven-baked recipes, with fish or meat sauces, as well as being excellent when accompanied by light tomato sauces, with ricotta or pesto alla genovese Available in 500g and 3 Kg packs.
• Bronze drawing is also a special process of De Cecco, where the pasta takes it shape.
• The bronze creates the unique coarseness of the pasta, which makes it absorb sauce better.
• It is the brand that is used by most important restaurants and great chefs everywhere.

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