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Hamster Starter Kit (3l Aspen, 200g De, 1kg Sand, 500g Seed Mix, Apple Sticks)


Frannys Hamster Starter Kit includes:
* Franny & Friends Starter Pack (200g) ASPEN, Unscented SAND BATH (1KG), D.E. POWDER 200G, 400G Frannys Blended Buffet, 8pcs Apple Sticks

* Be sure to have 3-4in of bedding to make your hamsters clean and comfortable
* Put 6-8 tablespoons of unscented sand to a container as sand bath * D.E. powder is added to sand baths as a natural (no chemical) way to protect hamsters against ticks and mites
* Feed 2 tablespoons of Frannys Blended Buffet everyday (Our Frannys Seed Mix contain the following seeds: sunflower seeds, white millet, red millet, popcorn, oat groats, green peas, green tapilan, safflower, speckled lupins, white sorghum, Frannys Dried Mealworms Its approximate nutritional value is as follows: Protein: 15-17% Fat: 5-7% Fiber: 9-11%)

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