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Franny Jar Collection (1.5kg Sand, 500g De, 750g Blended Buffet)


Unscented Bathing Sand 1.5kg, DE POWDER 500g, Buffet Blends 750g
1. Good organic remedy for anti-flea, anti-mite for pets
2. All natural with NO chemicals
3. 100% safe. Feed grade with BAI (Bureau of Animal Industry) certificationHow to Use:
Option 1:
1. Put 2 tablespoons of Frannys DE Powder to every 250g of Frannys unscented sand bath
2. Place the mixture inside the cage.
3. Let your hamsters play in the mixture for 10-15minutes only
4. Remove the mixture from the cageOption 2:
1. Brush Frannys DE Powder to you hamsters coatPet Nation provides the best value-for-money products for all types of pets. We carry the best and most innovative brands in the market such as Neptune Aquatics for aquariums and ponds, Armour Exotics for reptiles, arachnids, and amphibian supplies, Franny & Friends for dogs, cats, and small mammals. In Pet Nation, ALL PETS MATTER.
Frannys Blended Buffet promote complete nutrition with a perfect blend of treats and dietary food for birds and small animals. We only use natural ingredients for your pets. Our aims is to provide a healthy and complete diet to make your pets happy. Our Frannys Blended Buffet contain DRIED MEALWORMS and the following seeds: sunflower seeds, white millet, red millet, popcorn, oat groats, green peas, green tapilan, safflower, speckled lupins, white sorghum Its approximate nutritional value is as follows: Protein: 15-17% Fat: 5-7% Fiber: 9-11%It is best to feed ONLY 2 tablespoons of Frannys Blended Buffet per day.
Provides good alternative in keeping hamsters and other small animals clean
Eco-friendly and natural
Made out of Silica sand

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