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Weifeng Portable Lightweight Tripod Video, Camera - Black


• Control The Tripod, Lock The Pull Button Tightly
• Lock The Knob Tightly In Centre Shaft, For Shooting In Different Height
• Control The Connector To Expand The Angle
• Non Slip Mats Design, Suitable For Various Shooting Environment

Specification Of Weifeng Light Weight Tripod:
• The Foot Tube Adopts Aluminium Alloy Material, Adapt To Extreme Climate
• Non Slip Mats Design, Suitable For Different Shooting Environment.
• Anodic Oxidation Process In Surface, Various Of Colors For Options.
• Light And Strong, Portable To Be Carried.

Specification Of Cloud Deck:
• Knob Rotate The Hand Twisted, Control The Bottom, 360 Rotation Meets The Photographer’S Demand In The Scenery Photography Creation.
• Control The Cloud Deck To Shot Downward And Upward
• Lock The Handle Tightly
• Lock The Knob Tightly
• Control Panel Seat To Shoot In The Side With 90 Degree, Meets The Shooting Demand
• Horizontal Beadhorizontal Tester

• Product Model: Wf-3110A
• Tripod Material: Aluminium Alloy
• Original Factory Standard Configuration: Packing Box, Backpack, Tripod.
• Quantity Of Feet Socket: 4
• Contraction Height Of Tripod: 345Mm
• The Highest Height Of Tripod: 1035Mm (Raise The Centre Shaft). 860Mm(Not Raising The Centre Shaft),
• Maximal Weight Support: 1.5Kg
• Cloud Deck Type: Three Dimensional Cloud Deck
• Maximal Pipe Diameter: 16.8Mm
• Lowest Height Of Tripod: 350Mm
• Product Dimension: (L X W X H) 10 X 10 X 42 Cm
• Product Weight: 0.34 Kg
• Package Dimension: (L X W X H) 9 X 9.3 X 43 Cm
• Package Weight: 0.60 Kg

Package Included:
• 1 X Weifeng Portable Lightweight Tripod Video & Camera - Black
• 1 X Tripod Bag

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