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4in1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - Brown


Features :

• The vacuum has four functions : vacuum, lightning, air inflatable and tire pressure test. Each vacuum contains two independent electrict motors, to make the product more functional and increase the machine’s service life.
• This cavuum’s appearance and power is better than the past generation, with 120w section power and 120w infaltion power
• This vacuum comes with 4 meter long power wire, which is long enough to clean every corner in the car
• Wet and Dry pickups and it can suck coin, peanut, or even water easily. It also comes with brush sunction nozzle, tube and falt sution nozzle, which can be suited for different use
• High power model 550 movement made in copper and 25mm plunger cylinder
• Come with 8mm LED light, which makes easier to use in the dark environment

Instruction :

• Vacuum usage method :
• Insert the lighter plug into the cigarette lighter in car and turn on the switch
• In order to get the best result, please keep the HEPA striner clean
• Please keep the inlet down to avoid the damage of the carpet
• Inflation usage method :
• Remove the plugm plug directly into the car cigarette lighter, connect the vacuum cleaner tail inflatable mouth, open the start switch to inflatable funtion
• Let the machine run for a while the top of the rubber tube mouth twist in the tire vavle
• When inflated, the data of the instrument will rise with the saturation of the tire, when the value of the appropriate pressure (general car tire pressure 2.5kg/cm) will start the switch cut off, remove the plug • and gas mouth, complete infliatable jobs
• Lighting usage method :
• Turn on the lighting switch, then LED light will on
• Tire pressure usage method :
• Insert the are vavle on top of the rubber tube in the tire vavle and connect the other head with the machine’s air outlet. You can see the tire pressure on the dashboard.


• Model : BBN-Q8801
• Sunction Power : 3000pa
• Power Supply : DC12v 120w
• Product Dimension Size : (L x W x H) : 11 x 40 x 13 cm
• Product Weight : 1.00 kg
• Package Dimension Size : (L x W x H) : 13.5 x 41 x 13.5 cm
• Package Weight : 1.40 kg

Package Content:

• 1 x 4 in 1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner – Brown
• 1 x Brush Suction Nozzle
• 1 x Extra Soft Tube
• 1 x Flat Sunction Nozzle
• 1 x LED Light
• 1 x Accessories

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